Sedation Free Dental Cleaning

We understand how much you want the best for your Pets and Australian Animal Oral Care is providing solutions for their dental care everyday.

The Australian Animal Oral Care team is committed to changing the way the pet community approaches dentistry and we have been making a difference tooth by tooth for 1000's of Dogs and Cats.

Our solid reputation and professionalism when providing Preventive Dental Cleaning & Assessments for your dogs & cats has led to more Dental Clinic Locations and Referrals from your Local Vet Clinic.

Our network of Veterinarians have incorporated our anesthesia-free maintenance cleanings as part of their dental programs to provide pet owners the missing piece to their pet’s total oral health care.

Ask your Local Vet at your next Wellness Checkup about our Services and how they can benefit the prevention of Gum Disease, Tooth Decay, and Tooth Loss in your Pets.

Our Veterinarian has over 25 years Experience and simply wants to assist Pet owners prevent Gum Disease by promoting regular Dental Cleaning, improving your Pets diet and brushing / cleaning their Teeth & Gums at home. If Dr Cesar see's anything serious, he will refer immediately to your local Vet.

Its all about Prevention and we can help you.

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