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What is Gum Disease in Pet's

Australian Animal Oral Care Provides a Safe Risk Free Treatment for Dental Cleaning for Dogs and Cats

Current research shows that up to 80% of Dogs and 70% Cats aged 3 years and over are now affected by dental disease, with small breeds of dogs and cats showing more vulnerability.

As with human teeth, dental disease is caused when residual food, bacteria and calcium deposits form plaque and tartar on your Pet’s teeth. These Problems may result in bacteria carried into your pet’s bloodstream, causing severe, long-term oral health issues – related to the heart, liver, kidney and joints – that are sometimes fatal.

Dental Cleaning is important! Don't Delay as Gum Disease can be Prevented.

It can be Silent and very Painful for your Pets.

Prevent Gum Disease & book a Sedation Free Clean.

Dental care can be expensive, so it’s best to look after your Pet’s teeth and prevent disease at the start of your Pets life. Professional Dental Cleaning is important yearly or every 2 years depending on your Pet. We will help you begin a Home Care Routine and

Come and Get a FREE Dental Check at any of our Locations and get a verbal or written report so you are more informed.

Australian Animal Oral Care – Looking after the Pets of Australia with Oral Health.

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Dog Dental & Cat Dental Free Dental Check up

See our Latest Locations here & we provide Home Visits too for no extra Charge before 6pm or within 70 Km of Melbourne CBD.

Interstate Clinics run every 6-8 weeks for Limited

Days only so Book in Quickly.

Adelaide Hobart Sydney Gold Coast Brisbane Noosa

Rockhampton Cairns & Perth

Other Locations by request

Holistic Vet Dr Cesar has completed 6 years of Veterinary Medical Studies + 17 Years of Practical Experience.

He does not use Sedation or Chemical Drugs to Professional Clean your Pet's Teeth and Gums.

With Patience and Care, lots of Cuddles and Talking your Pet is in the Best Care with Dr Cesar who is very passionate about Dogs and Cats and their Oral Health.

Its too important to not Prevent Gum Disease & Clean Teeth


Australian Animal Oral Care

Pet Dental Clinics & Home Visits

0435 875 960

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