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Pet Dental - Gold Coast - Noosa Dental Clinics

Hi Folks,

Does your dog have smelly Breath? It's one of the first signs your Pet needs a Dental Clean. 🇦🇺Australian Animal Oral Care offer Natural Dental Cleaning without the need for Anesthesia. Home Visits available & over 90 Locations. Call us on ☎️0435 875 960 to book in! 

Melbourne Based 🏡🏡


- Gold Coast, Brisbane & Noosa

- Adelaide 


- Sydney & Newcastle 

Did you know that fresh meaty lamb ribs are excellent as a Natural Dental Cleaner?

The chewing action cleans the teeth and prevents Tartar from growing back so fast!

Have you tried out Natural Dental Paste for Dogs? Dr Cesar makes his own organic blend using the highest grade MCI organic coconut oil, curcumin, calendula, golden seal, colliodol silver and peppermint oil.

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