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Queensland Pet Dental on now 🐶🐈🇦🇺

Doggy Dental Time for Queensland 🌞🌞 Annually we recommend a Professional Dental Clean to remove the Tartar and bacteria build up in your dog's mouth. Gum Disease effects 80% of Dogs before ages 3 - 4 Our Anesthesia Free Natural Dental Cleaning is perfect for older Pets, those with medical conditions or simply because you prefer not giving your Pet a General Anesthesic. Dr Cesar Vargas was a Vet from Colombia and brings his Natural Dental Services to Aussie Pets🐶🐈 Book now on 0435 875 960 or via our website link below 

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Heading our way to WA on Monday 15th - 20th Feb We have home visits and locations you can attend Wanneroo, Perth, Bassendean, Fremantle, South Perth Make your booking now to get your preferred time an