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New Mira Pet Ultrasound

A new revolution in Pet Dental Cleaning is here in Australia and New Zealand.

Introducing Mira Pet Ultrasound Toothbrush

  • Gently breaks down Tartar

  • No Noise or Vibration

  • Easy to use

  • Pet friendly Toothpaste

Mira Pet Ultrasound uses 90,000 oscillations per minute to Gently clean tartar from tooth surface and gum lines.

3 x times higher than human sonic toothbrushes

Gentle on the enamel, no scraping or discomfort. Your Pet's will actually enjoy teeth cleaning and will love the taste of the apple/mint Toothpaste.

At $400.00 +gst Mira Pet Ultrasound will save you money in the long term with less Visits to the Vet's for Dental Cleaning.

Use weekly to remove tartar is just a few sessions, then maintain with a few minutes each fortnight or month.

Mirapet Ultrasound - a game changer in Pet Dental Products.

Now available in Australia and New Zealand.

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