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Dental Clinic Locations

Join us in Partnership to Provide our Pet Dental Services in Australia

  • Grooming Facilities

  • Dog Day Care

  • Animal Health Centres

  • Veterinarians

  • Pet Resorts

  • Retail pet stores

  • Natural Pet Health Businesses

  • Dog Trainers

Benefits of offering our Pet Dental Services:

  • We enable you to offer the increasingly popular new technique known as an Anaesthesia-Free Pet Dental Services.

  • Our Services are all performed by Dr Cesar Vargas - Previous Vet Surgeon - DVM  with over 23 years experience

  • Offering dog teeth cleaning & cat teeth cleaning can provide you with an additional revenue stream with no out-of-pocket investment. We have you covered, we provide all the knowledge and equipment we need to perform the service.

  • Anaesthesia-Free Pet Dental Services are a way to get your clients back into your establishment on a more regular basis, and to maintain better overall pet health. 

  • We educate your staff about the importance of Dental Health for Pets to increase their knowledge.

  • Free Marketing material for your business to help promote to your customers
    We advertise the procedure’s availability at your location on our website. We provide all printed materials about Periodontal Disease and An
    aesthesia-Free Pet Dental Services to display at your location to help educate your clients, brochures, posters and business cards all supplied to you.

  • We advertise on Facebook, Instagram and Google so customers know where to find our Service - At your Business.

  • Free lead service back to your business
    We will also announce your business as a location that the service is regularly offered, so clients can go directly to you, this is a great way for your to gain new clientele at your location. We will market the service at your location and send leads to you from clients in your area looking to get the service at no extra cost to you.

  • We receive calls daily on where to find a great groomer, Day care, and Pet Products, we direct them to you!

Partner With Us

If you are a Pet Industry Business interested in offering the service at your establishment or looking for more info about anaesthesia-free dental cleaning, fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss our services.

We work all around Australia in Large Cities and Regional Locations in VIC, SA, NSW, QLD & WA

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