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How To Clean your Pets Teeth at home

Check out these great Natural Tips for Clean Teeth

  1. Feed your pet high-quality food - Yes feed raw meat & organ meat

  2. Serve raw carrots for snacks

  3. Add Seaweed powder to the diet daily

  4. Use dried meat treats as dental chews

  5. Give your dog chew toys

  6. Offer raw bones to scrape teeth clean - Never Cooked bones

  7. Avoid chew bones made of starches - They just don't work and can build up

in the guts & cause all sorts of issues

  1. Start a routine and try to scrub those teeth 3x times a week

We recommend using our Natural Organic Toothpaste daily

Use with a Toothbrush or on a cotton pad

Use a Dental Spray to get to the hard to reach area's like back molars

Use Seaweed Powder in their food daily - this works so well by changing

the bacteria in the saliva - Improvement seen in around 3 - 4 weeks

Freeze a raw carrot and add organic coconut oil and pop back into freezer

The organic coconut oil has antibacterial properties and pets love the taste

We know its hard to keep a routine going at home, so mix it up and always remember

that healthy teeth = healthy overall

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