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How to look after your Dog's Teeth

Looking after your Pet's Teeth is one of the most important of all!!

Number 1 - Teeth Brushing is the best

Scrub the daily plaque away before it turms into hardened Tartar

Create a daily routine like you would with your children - brush those teeth

Use Organic or Natural Toothpaste too

Number 2 - Use Seaweed Dental Powder

A specific type of Seaweed harvested in Norway provides plaque busting properties.

Ascophyllan Nodosum is 100% Organic and actually changes the ph level of saliva inside the mouth.

Just add a sprinkle to food daily

Number 3 - Use Dental products

Choose from Natural Dental Sprays, Water Additives, Dental Gels and use as directed.

Find which type works for you & your pet

Number 4 - Feed Chunky Raw Meat

Chewing on raw meats and natural foods aids in mechanical cleaning of the tartar

Yes dogs can eat meaty bones, fresh bones.

Not dried weight bearing bones!

Try Lamb Shanks, Forearm meat, Chuck Steak, Casserole steak, fresh chicken, goat, ect

Number 5 - Book regular professional Dental cleaning

Even with all the above, Tartar can be present.

Removing it earlier rather than later is best.

Prevent Gum Disease and Tooth Extractions

A yearly Dental Cleaning is recommended

Dr Cesar Vargas

Australian Animal Oral Care

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