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Why Choose Anaesthesia Free Pet Dental Cleaning?

Updated: Apr 23

What are the positive aspects of anaesthesia-free pet dental cleaning?

If you use the services of a former Veterinarian like Dr Cesar Vargas from Australian Animal Oral Care - your getting truly professional results.

1. Safety:

One positive aspect of anaesthesia-free dental cleaning is increased safety for pets, especially those who may not be suitable candidates for general anaesthesia. Some pets may have underlying health conditions or sensitivities that make anaesthesia risky. Anaesthesia-free cleaning allows these pets to undergo necessary dental care without undergoing anaesthesia, reducing potential risks.

But please always use a fully trained professional

2. Less Stress:

Anaesthesia-free dental cleaning provides a less stressful experience for pets. Many animals feel anxious or uncomfortable when put under general anaesthesia, which can sometimes lead to complications.

By eliminating the need for anaesthesia, pets can have a more relaxed and comfortable experience during their dental cleaning.

3. Every dog is unique, and so are their dental needs. Our personalised cleaning services cater to the specific requirements of your pet, whether they are senior, have underlying medical conditions or are simply nervous and anxious. We prioritise your dog’s comfort throughout the entire process.

4. Immediate Recovery:

Since anaesthesia-free dental cleanings don't require pets to be under general anaesthesia, they can quickly recover and return to their normal routines. Pets can eat, drink, and play immediately after the cleaning, without the grogginess or disorientation typically associated with anaesthesia.

5. Expertise of the Veterinarian:

Having a former veterinarian with 23 years of experience perform the dental cleaning adds an extra layer of expertise and professionalism to the procedure.

Dr. Cesar extensive experience ensures that the dental cleaning process is done thoroughly, safely and of a high professional level.

Your Pets are in safe hands with Australian Animal Oral Care

Bookings are available for home visits and many locations you can attend.

Make your booking on line or call 0435 875 960

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