Natural Pet Products

Made in Melbourne

Developed by Dr Cesar Vargas

You need a home routine to look after your Pet's Teeth in between Professional Dental Cleanings.

Try to clean your Pet's teeth every 48 hours as Plaque builds up again in this timeframe.

By removing the plaque, you are preventing it turning into hardened Tartar.

Choose a product that you are likely to use on a regular basis and don't be afraid to change them up

Our Loofah Dental Toys are 100% Natural made to chew down, they clean teeth. Try them with some our our Pet Dental Spray or Toothpaste for extra teeth cleaning power!

Toothbrushing can be too hard on the Gum lines so if you are going to use a Toothbrush, be very gentle. Inflamed red gums are painful to Pet's and can cause other problems which will need to be treated at your Vet Clinic.