What is Gum Disease in Cats and Dogs?

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Australian Animal Oral Care provide both  Dog  & Cat Teeth Cleaning - Full Scale & Polish services without Anesthesia or Sedation, and yes we clean under the gum lines.

We work  in Pet Grooming Salons, Dog Day Care Centers, Boarding Kennels, Dog Training, Pet Shops, provide Home Visits and can provide our service at your local Vet Clinic.

YOU DO NOT NEED ANESTHESIA TO CLEAN TEETH!  Start when your dog is young.


Our Pet Dental Services are Australia Wide at over 80 Locations.

Our Pet Dental Service provides:​

  • Full clean, scale & polish of all teeth surfaces inside and out

  • Under gum lines to remove Tartar & Calcification buildup

  • Gum Treatment & Mouth Wash

  • Home Care advice

  • Gentle Pain FREE Treatment with No recovery period for your Pet

Why we recommend Anesthesia Free Dentals?

Anesthesia Dental Cleaning is not suitable for all Pets due to their age, health

or medical conditions. Our Dental Cleaning is a preventive treatment.

Early stages of Tartar can be scraped off using a Hand Scaler avoiding

costly Vet Dentals, Xrays, Fluids, Blood Tests, Antibiotics, Overnight stay & More.

If you provide your Pet with our Natural Dental each year, you will avoid high costs,

Tooth Loss and extractions associated with Dental Disease later in life.

We use Special Hand Dental Scalers instead of noisy Ultrasonic Scalers that we 

believe damages the enamel of the teeth.

Yes it is possible to do a thorough Dental Clean without Sedation.

Patience, Knowledge and skills are required.


What happens in the Treatment?

Your pet lies on a Pet Mattress while we provide Massage and /or Relaxing Acupressure to relax and settle your Pet. Plenty of Love & Cuddles. We do not wrap or swaddle your Dog.

No Drugs, No Chemicals, No Wraps, No Force or Restraints.

This is a Professional Natural Alternative to having a General Anesthetic for a Dental Clean at the Vet Clinic. Our Technique keeps your Pets Calm with our Relaxing Pet Calm Spray -  blended Essential Theraputic oils which is also available for sale.


We will check all teeth, gums and tongue, before cleaning the teeth with a hand scaler, not ultrasonic. We clean under the gum line and polish the Teeth Surfaces with Organic Polish.​

After Treatment is complete, we will apply an antibacterial, homeopathic treatment to your pets Teeth and Gums. This provides an excellent final treatment for the Gum Health. Routine Daily Dog Teeth Cleaning at Home will prevent the Tartar from returning so quickly.

We recommend all our customers provide our Home Care treatment in between Professional Pet Teeth Cleaning to reduce the Tartar build up.  We'll show you how - It's very easy!

Referral Service

When we first look in your pet’s mouth if we immediately find problems that appear to need your Veterinarian Surgeon's attention, for example excessive loose teeth, tumors or severe dental disease, we will refer you back to your Local Vet to have full check up with no charge from us at all.

How often should I clean my Pets Teeth Professionally?
Smaller dogs may even need their teeth cleaned every 3 - 6 months, while some larger dogs who eat Meaty bones may only need them done every 2 - 3 years.

How long does the procedure take?

The Teeth Cleaning procedure is up to 75 minutes* with lots of cuddles



Cats $375  

Dogs - Small   $375   

Medium   $400 

Large   $425 

Ex Large   $450 - $500   

Our Home Visits are FREE - Unless you live in a rural location or more than 40km from CBD (+25 - $100 ) extra - ask us!




Home Base

Home visits daily or you can visit our

centre in St Kilda or 40 other locations




July 13 -18

We visit Sydney including Newcastle 3 times a year at  2 Locations or Home Visits




August 17 - 21

We visit GC, Brisbane & Sunshine Coast 3 times each year at 4 Locations or Home Visits




October 6 - 10

We visit WA 2x a years with 3 Locations or Home Visits



Sydney - July

Central Coast - July

Byron Bay - August

Gold Coast -  August

Brisbane - August

Sunshine Coast - August

Perth - October

Townsville - November

Cairns - November

We are based in Melbourne

COVID - 19 UPDATE - March 2020

Our Dental Service is currently still in operation at our Locations & Home Visits.

Melbourne, Sydney & Queensland




Dr. Cesar Vargas is a Veterinarian from Colombia. He  has developed his own Techniques to provide Pet Owners a truly Professional Service with his  Pet Dental Cleaning and the need to use Anesthesia.

Cesar has extensive knowledge of Natural Medicine which enhances his Sedation Free Teeth Cleaning, ensuring an extremely professional outcome for your Pets with No Chemicals or Sedation.

  • 19+ years clinical experience in Small Animals (Cats and Dogs) 

  • Former Registered Veterinarian - Colombia

  • Professor - University Teacher of Toxicology (Vet Medicine Faculty) Colombia

  • Instructor / Teacher of Technicians in Animal Husbandry & Animal Medicine

  • Canine Acupressure / Massage, Canine Nutrition & Homeopathic Medicine for Pets

*Please book your Pet's Dental Clean each year - or more if advised. This will ensure bacteria build up is removed and decreases the need for Sedation  and extractions.

* Dr Cesar is not Registered in Australia as a Vet Practitioner or Vet Surgeon, he chooses not to, and is focusing on Natural Pet health and keeping Oral Care affordable for Pet Owners.

It's all about the long term Health of your Dog or Cat for us at Australian Animal Oral Care



Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 9.30am - 7.00pm

Saturday 10.00am - 6.00pm

Sundays - Closed 

If you would like to Host one of our Clinics Contact us directly 0435 875 960 or email.

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Our Pet Dental Services can be found at many leading Pet Care, Pet Shops, Groomers, Dog Day Care, Natural Pet Stores at over 80 Australian Locations 

Dental care is very important to our pet’s health and is usually overlooked by most pet owners. Without proper care, teeth and gums can become infected and lead to more serious disorders. If your pet is at Stage 1 you can continue brushing their teeth on a routine basis to prevent periodontal disease or book a Clean early. If your pet is at a Stage 2 or 3 then they are in need of a full dental. If your Pet has Stage 4 Dental Disease, you will be referred to a local Vet Surgeon. A dental under anesthesia can cost anywhere from $350 - $1800.

If your pet is not a candidate for anesthesia due to their health, medical condition or age,  you can try an Anesthesia Free Dental with Australian Animal Oral Care. Ask your Vet Clinic for a Referral Today especially if you have an older Pet or they cannot have Anesthesia due to illness.

Please Don't do Nothing!! Start your first Anesthesia Free Dental before 2 years of age.

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